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History of NISA

National Sand and Gravel Association, Industrial Sand Division Committee formed.

November 1935
27 industrial sand company members, Industrial Sand Division Executive Committee, unanimously agrees that: “…more effective organization of the industrial sand industry on a national scale would be possible through the creation of a separate and independent organization, to be known as the National Industrial Sand Association.”

March 25, 1936
Meeting at the William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, to submit proposal to industrial sand industry for ratification.

April 8, 1936
NISA formally organized in Pittsburgh, PA...“There was complete discussion at this meeting, at which a substantial majority of the total production of industrial sand was represented, concerning…a National Association.  The opinion of all was solicited, and an affirmative answer was given in each instance.”

The Original NISA Members
Pennsylvania Glass Sand
Wedron Silica Co.
Whitehead Brothers Co.
Ayers Minerals
Cape May Sand 
Central Silica
Deckers Creek Sand
J.B. Drinker & Co.
Georgia Gravel Co.
Industrial Silica Corp
Michigan Silica Co.
Millwood Sand Co.
National Pulverizing Co.
National Silica Co.
NJ Pulverizing Co.
NJ Silica Sand Co.
Ottawa Silica Co.
Pioneer Silica Products 
Potters Mining & Milling
Sand Products Corp.
South Jersey Sand
Sun Sand
Tavern Rock Sand
W.E. Wallace Company
P.J. Weisel, Inc.

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